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Born in the year 2007 with a youth group of the Evangelical Christian Fellowship ( Iglesia Fraternidad Cristiana ) with other youth of La Vega (40) in order to condition some areas of the Camp. This led to the vision of making each year, a camp to teach young people about missions.

It's so nice to see so many young people each year giving their talents, gifts and skills, displaying a different way to the glory of God, spreading the gospel of Christ.

Contact Info

  • Calle Basilio Gil, Ciudad universitaria,
    La Vega, Dominican Republic,
  • Phone: (809) 573 2473
  • Fax: 809 573 6030

Site Info

  • Some of the information, prices, dates, number of facilities, are subject to change.
  • For more information, please call us, email us or contact us via the contact form on reservations or through our facebook page.